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Royal collections

Especially for this exhibition specific items have been requested on-loan from the Royal Collections, reviving the early regal ambiance of the city palace of Fulda for all visitors to experience.

The Dutch Royal Archives have at their disposal a stunning collection of historic arts & crafts artefacts belonging to the House of Orange. From fully laid out tables and jewellery to spectacular, grand silverware. In collaboration with the Archives objects have been selected based on their relation to the original function of the rooms of the city palace. In the ballroom, which remains virtually completely intact, you will find for example a regal laid out table with tableware, glassware, and silver candle holders.

Key pieces from the Royal Collections

In the other rooms of the palace historic objects are also complemented by contemporary design and fashion. A reflection through time, but always with the emphasis on stunning artisan design executed in beautiful materials.

One of the showstoppers is a travelling set of tableware belonging to King William I. The king was known as a working king, but he insisted that every day at 16.00 o’clock he would have tea with Queen Wilhelmina and her ladies in waiting! This daily ritual was the only moment of the day where the king would take a step back from his daily tasks. His pretty travelling set of tableware was essential to this. See the porcelain and the decorations up close, a feast to behold.

Image: Koninklijke Verzamelingen / Jan Taminiau_Team Peter Stigter

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