The exhibition

Regal jewels

We all know the photos of Queen Juliana, decorated with sparkling jewellery, pearls, gemstones and diamonds. One important purveyor to the court of regal jewellery is the prestigious French jewellery house Mellerio dits Meller, which still exists today. In close collaboration with their archives in Paris several pieces of jewellery were selected.

Glow and glory of pure craftsmanship

On show at the exhibition are spectacular pieces that are worn at galas and state banquets like the ‘devant de corsage’, tiaras, rings, and broches. Glimmer and glory in pure craftsmanship.

The exhibition clearly shows when a queen wears what piece of jewellery, expressing and giving meaning to royal protocol and etiquette. 

Image: Koninklijke Verzamelingen / Mellerio Archief

Dutch design