Fulda baroque city

Fulda baroque city

In 1802 William Frederick of Orange chose Fulda as residential city of the German territories assigned to him. Until 1806 he resides and rules here from the elegant city palace. Its exquisite rooms offer a good idea of the culture at the court.

The city has a remarkably large number of Baroque buildings; especially in the 18th century many were built. In 1704 the construction of the gigantic Bonifacius Dome commenced. This Baroque church is the last resting place of Bonifacius. Shortly after that the ever-present Orangery, palace garden and the city palaces arose.

Wander through palaces and gardens

Wars drained the region’s resources with no funds remaining to renovate the inner city. Consequently, Fulda still breathes this Baroque atmosphere.

Following your visit to the exhibition you can experience the buildings and parks at the baroque quartier and discover the mideval and modern parts of the city while strolling through the streets.
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The most beautiful Baroque castle of Hessen; that is how Fasanarie Palace is called. The prince-bishops of Fulda loved spending time at this divine pleasure ground in a park where pheasants roamed – hence the name. After their departure the palace is handed over to the new sovereign William Frederick. He enjoys spending time there, with and without his family, in summer. In 1803 he receives distinguished guests: his brother-in-law King Frederick William III of Prussia (his wife’s brother) and his spouse Queen Louise.

The Fasanerie is located only seven kilometres from Fulda and is quick and easy to reach. It makes it the perfect visit combined with the exhibition Design & Dynasty, 250 years of life at the court of Orange-Nassau in Fulda. Enjoy it, starting with the impressive driveway through the castle grounds, where various species of trees can be spotted. Then let yourself be surprised by the opulent style chambers of the Fasanerie.

Documenta – Kassel

Who does not know Documenta in Kassel? This city, on the road from the Netherlands about an hour away from Fulda, is a must visit. Every five year the internationally renowned and leading exhibition of contemporary art is organised here. The next edition takes place from June 18th to September 22nd, 2022, which virtually coincides with the Design & Dynasty exhibition in Fulda. The latest trends and ideas in art will be on show in this town. Original exhibition possibilities will also be widely featured. You can relax by taking a walk around the city of Kassel, where everything will celebrate art and you can see exciting creations by various artists in several locations.

Image: Christian Tech