Dutch Royal House


The exhibition offers a great insight into the Orange-Nassau dynasty and its close ties to Germany. This resonates from the historic family portraits, but also from a contemporary series of photographs of Queen Máxima.

Design & Dynastie

One could almost call the Orange family a German family. In 1879 King William III puts Waldeck-Pyrmont on the patriotic map by marrying Princess Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont at Arolsen Castle. Princess Wilhelmina, Emma’s daughter, marries count Hendrik van Mecklenburg in 1901. In 1966 Princess Beatrix, the eldest daughter of Queen Juliana, marries Squire Claus van Amsberg, originating from Hitzacker on the Elbe, southeast of Hamburg.

Image: Koninklijke Verzamelingen / Joep van Lieshout

King William I

King William I